A Team of Researches Save Turtle’s Live By Removing a Plastic Straw Stuck Up in Its Nostril

Humans are slowly destroying our planet with all the irresponsible dumping of waste we’re doing practically everywhere. It’s not only dangerous to us, but to other living creatures as well. This video could hopefully make us think twice before littering, especially in the ocean.

An olive ridley sea turtle was found by a team of researchers during a trip in Costa Rica. They immediately noticed that it was in pain and distress, and upon close inspection, thought there was a parasitic worm stuck inside one of its nostrils.

Straw in Nose

But after cutting a sample, they found it it was a plastic straw. The team had to make sure the turtle was removed of the foreign object stuck up its nostrils, but they couldn’t risk taking it back to dry land since they were far out from the coastline and they would have incurred a penalty for removing the turtle that’s clearly beyond their permit. With a Swiss Army knife as their only tool, they pulled out the 10 to 12-cm plastic straw out of the poor turtle’s nostril.

Plastic Straw

Do your part, people. Stop polluting our own planet.

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