Teenager Takes Sledging To The Extreme As He Speeds Down An Icy Road With Not Quite As Much Snow As He’d Like

Most people see sledging as an opportunity to have a bit of harmless fun following heavy snowfall.

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But this teenager took the activity to the extreme by being dragged along an icy road at high speed – with no clear end in sight. At first, he seems to be enjoying the ride, but can be heard getting increasingly agitated throughout the video.
snow sledding to the extreme
The footage, filmed in Poland, shows him lying on his front on the sledge as he holds on for dear life. Towards the end of the video, the teenager gets rather wet as he slides through a large puddle of water.
snow sledding pulled by car
At this point, he decides enough is enough and gets off the sledge. The person filming the video is heard laughing as the teenager continues shouting at him, clearly unhappy about getting soaked.

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