High Speed Police Motorcycle Chase Video Shows Suspects Weaving Through Traffic And The Countryside Before Finally Being Caught

A determined police officer embarked on a high-speed and intense motorbike chase through busy traffic after a man and woman sped off together.

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The dramatic headcam footage captured the moment the male officer chased after the pair who were on a motorbike. He followed them for more than 15 minutes weaving in between cars and buildings as the pair on the bike ran a red light in Finland. It is unclear why the police officer started to follow the pair, but he seemed incredibly determined to catch them.
intense cop chasing cam
Throughout the video, he turned his siren on as he went through along a number of motorways in the Scandinavian country. After the tense chase, the man on the bike made the decision to turn left towards a farm-like building.
intense chasing cam
But just seconds later, the pair fall of the motorbike and the man can be seen sprinting off into the distance. And he quickly sped after the man and managed to catch him with the help of other officers who arrived on the scene. It is unclear what happened to the woman.

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