Boxer Buys Drinks For Hundred Of Fans As He Drowns His Sorrows After Defeat In Las Vegas

Carl Frampton may have suffered heartbreak against Leo Santa Cruz in Las Vegas over the weekend but that didn’t make him forget about his fans.

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The 29-year-old from Belfast surrendered his WBA featherweight title at the MGM Grand on Saturday night, losing on points to his Mexican opponent.
The Northern Irishman bought all his fans a drink as a gesture of gratitude
That didn’t prevent him, though, from showing gratitude to his supporters that had followed him to the States for the fight. The dad-of-two bought all his fans a drink at the Nine Fine Irishmen bar after they travelled Vegas to watch his loss to Santa Cruz.
Carl Frampton (right) addresses his fans at the Nine Fine Irishmen bar on Sunday
Speaking to his fans, Frampton said: “I just want to thank everyone for coming out, I know it cost a lot of dough to get here. Sorry to disappoint. We’ll get him back, I promise.”

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