Badass Woman Fights Off Two Armed Carjackers Like An Animal

A determined woman stood up to two armed robbers and sent them running as surveillance cameras recorded the wild struggle.

While walking back to her car outside a gas station, when two men approached her, one of the men suddenly flashes a pistol, grapples her and grabs her keys. The man hops into her car’s driver seat, the crook thought he was going to get away, but he messed with the wrong lady.
Thief Steals Keys Away

She flings open the door and grabs the gunman, his accomplice can be seen frantically rushing around the vehicle to help him. But she doesn’t give up, even when the gunman strikes her head with his pistol.

Woman Grabs Thief
Then one of the man shoots at the girl’s direction as she runs toward the door to the gas station. Finally, the robbers give up and ran away, only taking her phone.

She Refuses To Give Up
Don’t mess with a bad b*tch.

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