Man Uses Stanley Knife To Cut Open Gigantic Cyst In Horrifying Video

One guy decided to take matters into his own hands and operates on a gigantic cyst on his arm using a Stanley knife.

If there’s one thing that YouTube is good for is a classic spot-bursting video — but this one might be too gruesome for most people to handle. In order to get rid of a massive cyst on his arm, this American man decided to take his Stanley knife and just cut the damn thing open.


Man Uses Knife To Extract Cyst
He then proceeds to slowly squeeze a ton of clotted pus and cottage-cheese-like gunk out of the open wound. Urgh.
Man Uses Stanley Knife To Pop Cyst
Even though it’s pretty disgusting, the whole procedure is quite blood-less.
Man Uses Stanley Knife To Pop Cyst
That was so hard to watch.
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