Yo-Yo Champ Will Make Your Jaw Drop with His Incredible Skills

Most kids today probably wouldn’t know what a yo-yo is, much less know how to play with one. With all the phones and tablets out there, you’ll see them holding on to those than see one playing with a yo-yo. But after seeing this yo-yo champ showcase his mad skills, you’ll probably want to learn how to play the yo-yo again.

West Michigan resident Jake Elliot wowed the crowd with his incredible yo-yo skills at the World Yo-Yo Contest held recently in Japan, and eventually took home the grand prize.

Yo-Yo Champ

The 20-year old champ performed a dazzling array of tricks in the “freehand” event, where the yo-yo isn’t attached to a contestant’s finger, beating the six-time world champion from Japan and bringing back the trophy to the U.S. for the first time since 2007.

Yo-Yo TricksThis guy totally killed it.

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