People React to Drinking Sewage Water For the First Time

Water is a very valuable resource since it is one of the basic things life needs to survive. Under harsh conditions, humans would perish in just three days without water, however, we can still survive for three weeks without food. Yes, it’s that essential. You would have to drink from a drying up river bed if you have to. But how about sewage water?

The Orange County Water District are behind the Groundwater Replacement System that treats sewage water and makes it safe to drink for people. See, it’s purified, so you don’t have to worry about a thing.

Sewage Water


But how does it taste? They have people drink the purified sewage water together with tap and bottled water to find out how what they think. After they find out one of the choices is sewage water, they react accordingly.

Water Reaction


Surprisingly, it tastes good. They even said they would rather drink purified sewage water than the one coming from the tap.

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