This Hilarious Dogs Vs Rabbits Commentary Is What You Need To Make It Through The Week

When it comes to hilarious commentary there’s no one quite like Ozzy Man to inject some serious hilarity into what would otherwise be another normal video on the internet.

His latest video showcases his excellent commentary skills on a classic predator vs prey scenario. In this case, a bunny is being chased down by two huge hunting dogs. It’s life or death for the bunny as he tires to escape the relentless K9.
Bunny Chased By Hunt Dogs

This ends badly, however, as the dogs gain on the rabbit, leaving it only a matter of time until the bunny is ripped to absolute shreds.
Dogs Catch Up
Except, this is no ordinary bunny. This is a rabbit who has complete disregard for the rules of nature, instead deciding to lead the dogs on a merry chase and humiliate them in the process.

Bunny Gets Away

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