Brit teenager becomes overnight social media sensation after puntastic Facebook video racks up 41 MILLION views

An 18-year-old became a social media sensation overnight after her ‘puntastic’ video went viral.

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Chloe Jones can be seen falling about laughing in the footage while picking random household objects to crack jokes about, such as “So your man has a licence? ..But does he avocado?” As well as: “All these eggs…and I still can’t crack you”. The prolific social media user now says she is enjoying her ‘five minutes of fame’ after her video racked up over 41 million views so far.

Teen's shock after pun-tastic Facebook video racks up 41 MILLION views

Chloe, from Leeds, who regularly uploads entertaining videos onto her Facebook page, said her life has gone “crazy” since two online media giants, Unilad and Pretty 52 – run by Lad Bible – picked up on one of her creations and re-posted it on their pages on the social network.

Chloe Jones' video has gone viral

Pretty 52 posted the video, writing: “All these puns and we still find her hilarious”, while Unilad drew attention to Chloe’s laugh. At the last count the video on both websites had been viewed 27 million and 17 million times respectively.

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