Pet Owner Returns Home To Find A Trail Of Destruction Left By Her Very Guilty-Looking Dog

This is the moment a dog owner returned home to capture her destructive lurcher’s guilty reaction after he covered the entire house in thousands of pieces of shredded paper.



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In Catherine Dean’s video, the ‘paper-obsessed’ pooch called Jack lies back on the sofa and flashes his owner an apologetic expression. Ms Dean, who now lives in Plymouth, said the seven-year-old canine cannot resist toilet rolls and kitchen roll and must have enjoyed attacking a bag of paper bedding meant for her chinchillas.

dog with a guilty face


The 41-year-old returned home from work on March 13 to find the trail of destruction. The pet therapy business owner said ‘I got home about 5pm, and as soon as I arrived I was already suspicious because Jack wasn’t at the door waiting to see me.

dog with guilty face litter the house with shredded paper


Then I could see the floor was littered. I just said, “What the hell have you done, Jack? What have you been up to?”
The floor was littered. There were thousands of the bits everywhere. I’m still finding them now. He’d even got them up in the curtain rail.



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