A Texting Guy Almost Runs Into A Wild Bear

They say texting is a huge distraction for drivers, but it does the same thing when we’re walking as well.



I’ve seen multiple people tripping or nearly walking into the middle of the street because their eyes were glued to their phones.


nearly run into the intimidating animal


This guy had an even scarier experience when he was paying more attention to his messages than where he was going. When the Los Angeles TV station KTLA was tracking a black bear making its way through a neighborhood in La Crescenta, California, they saw Vaz Terdandenyan, a local resident, nearly run into the intimidating animal.


He Was Texting His Boss When He Looked Up And Saw Something That Made Him Run


He was texting his boss that he would be late for work when he looked up and immediately started running. In his defense, how often do you see a bear when you leave your home? At least he looked up before coming into contact with the critter, right? I don’t want to think about what would’ve happened otherwise.


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