Homeless Man Gives Away Money Prank

It seems so easy to ignore homeless people we see on the streets. Some of us even make an effort to veer away from those who panhandle for an easy buck, sometimes pretending to be on the phone or hurrying to reach their destinations. But what if you get stopped by a homeless man wanting to give out money?

Resident prankster fouseyTUBE is at it again when he pretends to be a homeless person as he tries to prank people by giving out money. Talk about irony.

Homeless Gives Money


He wanted to know how people would react to this kind of ironic scenario. Some people are just to damn proud to accept money from the homeless and most react in a negative way. What a shame.

People React


But some respond kindly when a woman tries to help him instead of accepting his money, restoring some faith in humanity.

Kind Reaction


However, one man proved too much for our prankster when he reacted too pretentiously towards the prank. It just ruined our pranksters mood, ending it in a sour note.

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