Terrifying new footage shows “out-of-control dangerous dogs” bite woman as shoppers fight them off

This is the terrifying moment a pack of “dangerous dogs” let loose in a town center frightened shoppers so much that they were forced to hold up chairs to defend themselves.


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Footage shows a pack of “out of control Pitbull type dogs” running around while a man desperately shouts “take the dogs, take them away,” “go away with your dogs and they’ll follow you”.


People held up chairs to guard themselves from a group of dogs


The man wearing a high-vis jacket is then seen protecting himself with a chair during the terrifying incident in Bolton. Others follow his lead, also shielding themselves with chairs as they appear to lean against a shop window.


Terrifying new footage shows out-of-control dangerous dogs attacking woman


The dogs, who continued to bark throughout the ordeal, were then caught on camera jumping up at a woman. Dramatic footage later captured the moment armed police shot dead the group of ‘dangerous dogs” which had attacked two people. Police were called to reports of six Pitbull type dogs out of control on Queens Park, Chorley New Road, Bolton.


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