Bizarre video shows a woman fix a dent in her car using a d!ldo

There are some car maintenance tips we all know, like how to check the oil and pump up the tyres.


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But one woman’s car-fixing knowledge goes way beyond anything we’ve ever seen – she can knock out a dent with a $ex toy. The genius hack was demonstrated in a video on Twitter and it has to be seen to be believed.


She waves the huge sex toy around for the camera


The girl, from Virginia Beach in the US, is shown next to a black car with a nasty dent in the door. She approaches it with a huge dildo and proceeds to stick the suction base of the sex toy onto the dent, before pulling it towards her.


She places the toy on the door and pulls


Amazingly, the dent pops right out – leaving the door looking almost as good as new. The video of the woman, who continues to puff on a cigarette as she performs the feat, has been retweeted over 8,000 times and people couldn’t believe their eyes.


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