Footage Emerges Of Teenage Daughter Being Beaten Up In Violent Brawl

A mother has pleaded for help after nearly twenty teenagers were filmed attacking her daughter.



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The footage shows teenage girls in Peterborough’s Central park savagely surrounding and attacking a victim. She quickly falls to the floor and the attackers can be seen kicking, punching and stamping on her. Resident Ilona Iloniuk posted the video on Facebook on May 5, where it has quickly gone viral.
Mother pleas for help after footage emerges


Ms Iloniuk said, ‘Today my daughter in Central Park got beaten up by a lot of girls. ‘Maybe somebody knows who they are? I think that parents should look after their kids, she was only one and there were twenty of her.’
Mother pleas for help after footage emerges of teenage daughter being beaten up


Ilona’s daughter reportedly managed to escape with relatively minor injuries. The video has now been viewed over 5,000 times and has resulted in plenty of strong reactions.



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