Dude Lets His Friend Think He Inserted His Finger Into Another Man’s Butthole in Funny Prank

Tricking a friend into thinking he did something totally disgusting will always be an absolute gem.





This was what our old pal YouTube prankster Goubtube had in mind when he tricked his pal into thinking he just inserted his finger to another man’s butthole.



Fingering Arm



He set things up by covering his pal’s face and letting him guess what his index finger was being inserted or dipped into. On the third try, Goubran had his friend finger the crook of his arm while having another one of his pals’ backside right in front of him. And as soon as the hoodie was removed, he put two and two together after seeing the dude trying to put his pants back up.



Butthole Finger



They got him good.



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