Moment ‘hero’ golfers take down man attacking check-in machine at airport with rubbish bin

Four ‘hero’ golfers have been filmed helping to take down a man who launched a violent attack on an airport check-in machine with a rubbish bin.


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One of the golfers, named only as “Deano”, told how he was returning from the sporting holiday when his pals spotted the man at Gold Coast Airport in Queensland, Australia.

The extraordinary rampage was captured on film by a person in the airport. In the footage, the attacker can be seen repeatedly smashing the bin against a Virgin Airlines self-check-in machine.


The man taking his anger out on the check-in machine


It took police at least five or six minutes to arrive, Deano claimed. Deano was the first in to subdue to the man before his friends joined him, surrounding the man and pinning him to the ground and using zip ties on his hands.

Deano said he was upgraded to business class for his efforts – but his pals were left in economy.


Deano and his mates pile on to the man after the incident


The airport said it took security and the safety of passengers and staff seriously and was working with an Australian Federal Police investigation.

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