Dude Finds HUGE Great White Stuck In Shallow Water, Gets WAAAYYYYY Too Close For Comfort

An enormous great white shark found itself trapped in shallow water after the tide went out, and one man with balls of steel decided to get really close to that shark.



This all went down in a shallow water bay on the Sea of Cortez. As you can clearly see, this is one GIGANTIC great white shark so when the tide went out and the water level plummeted to just a few feet the shark was no longer able to leave the bay because it was more or less stuck on the bottom.




The video above contains some graphic language, and as one of the brothers in the video attempted to get close to the enormous 14-foot great white shark he stepped on a stingray and was stung.




On the one hand, that white shark was already under a great deal of stress and getting that close to the shark could’ve sent it off the ledge. On the other hand, how many times in life are you ever going to be within just a few feet of a wild great white shark?

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