Watch Layers of Bullet Proof Glass Try to Withstand a Blast from an RPG-7

Bullet proof glass has saved countless lives by offering protection from gun fire, and they are quite effective. But how would they fare against bigger, more explosive rounds? You’re about to find out.

The folks from YouTube channel Crash Zone put the sturdy glass to the test by putting together 45 layers of bullet proof glass and have it shot by a Russian-made RPG-7.


The team set up a 1 x 1 meter target made out of 16 inches of bullet proof glass with a crash test dummy right on the other side to find out how much damage the rocket would cause.

Grenade Explosion

Well, 45 layers of bullet proof glass isn’t enough to stop a blast from an RPG-7. It punctured a hole through the glass and left the dummy in a heap of dismembered limbs.

Tankman Dead

They made a second attempt, this time adding half of the armor’s thickness and allowed for spacing between the glass walls to try to weaken the blast. No dice.

Second Hole

So if in case you hear somebody shout, “RPG!” during a gun fight, best to run the hell away from the target.

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