Ozzy Man Delivering Funny Commentary on Sexy Brazilian Slip ‘N Slide Show Will Surely Make Your Day

If you’re having one of those dull days at the workplace, one funny Australian is here to deliver that much needed distraction.





Ozzy Man is back to tickle our funny bones once again in his hilarious commentary on this sexy Brazilian show featuring hot ladies in skimpy clothes trying to slide down a Slip ‘N Slide.



Slip 'N Slide



The cheeky Australian tried to give a blow-by-blow account of the show as the hotties slid down with the objective of throwing a goose into a waiting basket at the end of the Slip ‘N Slide. And in true Ozzy Man fashion, he managed to deliver in his own style that made him internet famous.



Bewb Slip



This dude doesn’t disappoint.



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