Clever Father Pulls Off Epic Date Night with the Wife Without Hiring a Babysitter

Couples who are first-time parents will have the most difficult time adjusting to life with a child. But with a clever father like this dude, things can be a lot more fun.





When a woman thought she hadn’t gone out in ages and asked her partner for a date night, the man had to come up with a brilliant idea to pull one off without having to hire an expensive babysitter to look after their child.



Inflatable Pub



This is one of the biggest hurdles couples face when wanting to have a bit of fun but can’t since nobody’s going to take care of their baby. However, this didn’t stop this clever man from ruining their plans. And since they couldn’t leave their baby to party, he brought the party into their home via an inflatable pub.



Date Night



This man’s a legend.



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