Honestly, nothing sounds more badass than this molten metal squirt gun

Squirt guns used to be the ultimate summer toy, but this guy just gave them a bad ass twist.



Kevin Kohler, better known as TheBackyardScientist on YouTube, has created a stainless steel squirt gun that he uses to shoot melted metal. He then uses his invention to shoot liquid metal at a number of other objects including a fish tank and a watermelon.




This is a video of Backyard Scientist Kevin demonstrating his molten metal squirtgun (which looks suspiciously like a gun from Fallout). In this case, he shoots 170-230 °C (338-446 °F) molten pewter (aka Terminator juice) trying to melt various objects (the most interesting of which is probably the pewter pitcher at 4:10).




And if that’s not enough to peak your interest, stay tuned till the end to watch Kohler literally shoot fire. He gives Bill Nye a run for his money.

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