Brazen couple filmed ‘having s3x’ at bus stop in broad daylight by ‘revolted’ neighbor

A brazen couple were caught on video allegedly having s3x at a busy bus stop in broad daylight.



The pair apparently made no effort to be discreet and instead ‘went at it’ in front of horrified passers-by in the main road.

Charlotte Harrison, who lives nearby and filmed the action, said she was simply trying to eat her dinner but was put off her food.


The couple were at a bus stop in broad daylight


The 20-year-old thinks the couple may have missed their bus and had to get another one. She was shocked and was disgusted by what she witnessed from her home.

The hairdresser was trying to eat when the pair caught her eye and she decided to literally catch them in the act.


The pair were caught on camera


The video of the pair at the bus stop on Victoria Road in Kirkby, Nottinghamshire, has gone viral on Facebook, with over 10,000 shares since it was taken on August 1.

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