Man Builds a Badass Drifting Buggy from Scratch Inside His Garage

A lot of guys love to spend time and tinker with machines inside their garage. They commit to their own projects no matter how simple or complex the things they’re trying to build. They are the Tony Stark of their own little world, just like this man who built his own badass drifting buggy inside his garage from scratch.

James Carroll is quite good in making his own buggies and they’re all pretty sweet rides. His third attempt had him put together one that drifts and it does so spectacularly.

Buggy Frame

He added more power and made it lighter, using a 1000cc GSXR motorcycle engine to give the buggy twice the brake horse power than the last one. He also included some nifty features such as a flat shift programmable ECU, limited slip differential, independent suspension and it can reverse.

Drift Buggy

It took him over three years to complete his drift buggy, with costs amounting to 15,000 euros.

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