Half-naked ‘carjacker’ desperately clings onto SUV as he is dragged down street by driver

This is the extraordinary moment a suspected would-be carjacker desperately clings on to a SUV as he is dragged down a street while semi-naked. Footage captured by a bystander shows a man holding the driver’s door handle as he is pulled hundreds of feet along the road in Kent, Washington.


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As the man refuses to loosen his grip his shorts fall down before the SUV motorist brakes in the middle of the carriageway.

With the car stationary, the man gets back to his feet and tries to yank open the car door only for the driver to accelerate away.


The extraordinary footage was captured by a witness in Kent, Washington


The 39-second clip ends with the man still clasping the handle as he is hauled further along the road.

Police said the man being dragged in the footage was later arrested as a suspect wanted for several attempted carjackings in the area, Kiro 7 reported.


The semi-naked man is seen desperately trying to get inside the car as he is dragged down along a street


He was taken to hospital for treatment.

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