Man Loses Pants As He Is Dragged Down Street By Car

A motorist in Washington state refused to surrender his vehicle to an alleged would-be carjacker who ended up being dragged along the road as he desperately holds on to the driver’s side door.





The dramatic video, which went viral on social media over the weekend, shows a man being dragged hundreds of feet along a roadway in Kent, Washington. The man refused to let go of the moving car. When the driver of the vehicle hit the brakes, the man got up and pulled up his shorts before appearing to once again attempt to steal the SUV.

Man Loses Pants As He Is Dragged


The driver then continues to move forward and the alleged carjacker is once again dragged along the road. Local police said that the man being dragged as he holds on to what appears to be a light-blue SUV is a suspect wanted for a number of attempted carjackings in the area.

Man Loses Pants


Authorities have arrested the suspect, who is alleged to have punched other cars. The suspect was taken to hospital for treatment of injuries he suffered during the incident.



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