Girl Takes Revenge on Boyfriend By Rudely Waking Him Up with 8,000 Exploding Firecrackers

When your scheming man savagely pranks you and uploads the embarrassing video on YouTube for everyone to see, it’s only fair to give him a dose of his own medicine.





When YouTuber Derek Deso pranked his girlfriend by waking her up with large snakes on their bed, it was only a matter of time when she tried to get back on him with a prank as brutal as what he did.






So she got a large roll of 8,000 fireworks and quietly placed them around his man while he was sound asleep. And as soon as she lit it up, Deso immediately woke from one of the worst ways he could ever experience in his life.



Revenge Prank



I guess that ties them up in their savage prank war.



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