Weatherman Tries, Fails To Conceal A Fart On Live TV

Just because you’ve won an Emmy doesn’t mean you’re safe from on-air problems, as Local 15 news (Mobile, AL) meteorologist Chris Dunn found out. The meteorologist appears to fart while giving the weekend forecast on live TV.


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The Chief Meteorologist for NBC15 describes the weather for the weekend and says: ‘It’s going to be a fairly quiet weekend.’ He then bends over to put his rear off camera and there’s a squeaky fart sound.

He straightens back up and tries to fight a smile, indicating that is was possibly a planned prank.


Chris Dunn is delivering the weather forecast in Mobile, Alabama, when he bends over and appears to fart on live TV


The people taking the video on Snapchat can be heard laughing hysterically as they rewind the clip to confirm their suspicions. Sure enough on the second listen, the same noise occurs.

There’s a chance that it wasn’t actually gas. Maybe it was a squeaky rubber shoe or a technical malfunction. Regardless, it sure sounds like a fart.


He then bends over to put his rear off camera and there's a squeaky fart sound.


The 33-second video was uploaded to YouTube by Heller32658. Neither the station nor Dunn has spoken out about the incident.

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