Brutal Moment Police Officer Slaps A Driver In The Face For Blocking Traffic

This policeman got so angry at a man parked in the middle of the road he started repeatedly slapping him around the face in a fit of uncontrollable rage. The driver was confronted by the officer after his car blocked off traffic in Patna, Bihar state, in north east India. He started arguing with the policeman, identified as Uday Prakash, and asked if he had ‘gone nuts’.



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The cop was seemingly so angered by the remark he slapped the motorist over and over again. Local media were unable to contact the policeman involved for comment.

Brutal Moment Police Officer


But they believe he was suspended after the video surfaced on the internet. His actions were criticised by senior officers at Patrakar Nagar station, where he works.

Brutal Moment Police Officer Slaps A Driver In The Face


Senior Superintendent of police Manu Maharaaj said, The cop has tarnished the image of the police. Policing is based on public perception, which has gone down several notches after the video has gone viral. We are taught not to get provoked. The incident reflects the brutal face of the police, which is certainly not acceptable.



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