Kid Freaks Out Over Unicorn Stuffed Toy When He Discovers Its Terrifying Secret

Stuffed toys were quite comforting for us back during out diaper days, serving as some sort of security blanket to quell our fears of the boogeyman living under our bed. However, one toy might have been made by the scary mythical creature itself.



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There is no other toy that illustrates the Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde qualities of animals better than a Feisty Pet. In what first appears like a cute and cuddly creature, turns into a deadly monster with one squeeze as realized by this poor kid who got one of the most terrifying moments of his young life.



Evil Toy



The adorable unicorn first elicited a positive reaction from the kid. But when the mom squeezed the Feisty Pet, it’s shifty eyes and sharp teeth were revealed, scaring the poop out of the unsuspecting kid.



Scared Kid



Best present for those naughty kids.



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