Drone Injures Six After It Loses Control And Crashes Into Crowd

Six people have been injured after a drone fell from the sky after spinning out of control in Japan. The machine was part of a robotics showcase at Ogaki Park in Gifu Prefecture on Saturday. It was tossing out sweets to the gathered crowd below when it malfunctioned and plummeted into tech fans.



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The moment was captured on camera by one audience member who happened to be filming the treats being launched out by the drone.

Drone injures six after it loses control


Suddenly, the 89cm by 50cm machine starts spiralling out of control and plunges into the crowd. It hit at least six people, who suffered minor injuries such as cuts to their foreheads and shoulders.

Drone injures six after it loses control and crashes into crowd


Police are now said to be investigating the incident, according to the Japan Times, after the video emerged.



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