Trainee teacher kicked out of college after footage emerges of her STR*PPING nak*d to win an iPhone

A trainee teacher has been kicked out of college after footage emerged of her str*pping nak*d in order to win an iPhone. The 19-year-old student undressed at a nightclub, where a competition was held to win the latest Apple smartphone.


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She was filmed taking off her clothes in front of a cheering crowd, but bosses at the pedagogical college where she is studying took exception to her actions and expelled her.

It happened in the town of Troitsk in central Russia’s Chelyabinsk Oblast region. Reports say she did not win an iPhone, instead being awarded a cheaper model.




It is unclear whether footage of any others str*pping was also shared online. Yevgenya said she has been in hiding since the video started to circulate.

It shows her standing in her underpants covering her bre*sts with her arms. The host then encouraged her to take off the remainder of her clothes.




He offered to hug her so no one else could see as she pulled off her knickers while the crowd roared with excitement.

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