Class Professor Teaches Students How to Get Out of the Dreaded Friendzone

Besides some parts of New Jersey, the worst place you can find yourself in is the dreaded friendzone. It is a place of despair and disappointments caused by unrequited feelings worst than the Upside Down. Many have fallen victim, but there is a way to get out of it.



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They say once you have been friendzoned, there is no escape. But according to one tough French professor, there is a way out and win the girl in the end as shown in this enlightening YouTube classroom scene.



Social Psychology



When professor Guillaime Detalles entered his social psychology class, he was determined to teach all of them what the friendzone is and how to get out of it. And in perfect timing, one student received a call from this girl who gave put him in the exact situation, so the class had a live demonstration of their professor’s methods to solve his dilemma.






If you have nothing to lose, it’s worth a shot.



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