Ozzy Man Delivers Another Funny Commentary on Two Drunk Guys Involved in Korean Street Fight

When two guys too inebriated to function normally get into a fight, it always has the potential to be funny to watch. And with our resident Aussie funnyman adding colorful commentary, you know it’s going to be gold.





Street fights can break out anywhere, especially when drinking is part of a country’s culture. And with South Korea being the home of its very own martial art called taekwondo, pissed drunk dudes are surely going to get a kick out of each other, literally.



Street Fight



In this clip between two Korean guys engaged in a fight, Ozzy Man once again laid down his hilarious brand of Aussie ‘critical analysis’ to add a dose of humor to a fight in a country where nobody gives a rat’s ass if you kick the crap out of each other.



Korean Grappling



The man’s indeed a legend.



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