Journalist Abused During Broadcast By Stranger Who Calls Her ‘fat’ And ‘lowest Of The Low’

This is the bizarre moment a rand stranger approaches a news reporter to verbally harass her in the middle of the street.

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The man can be seen, wearing a beanie and dark glasses, approaching Australian Nine News reporter Maggie Raworth as she prepares a piece to the camera. The footage shows the man telling Ms. Raworth that she is “fat” and needs to “get a real job” after describing the profession as the “lowest of the low”.

Random Man Approaches News Reporter

He continues to make even more criticisms towards both the female reporter and the camera man.

You chose to be a journalist…a lying piece of s***,” he says. But Ms Raworth manages to remain calm, responding: “What’s your problem, sir? What have I done to you personally?”

Reporter Calmly Reacts

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