Doctor Discovers Simple Fix You Can Do Yourself to Treat Your Debilitating Vertigo

A visit to a doctor to receive specific treatments can be costly, especially if you’re not covered by insurance, making this video by a Colorado doctor to treat a debilitating condition truly heaven-sent.





With more than seven million Americans suffering from vertigo and around 50,000 in Denver alone, a doctor at the Colorado University Hospital has become a viral sensation for her quick do-it-yourself fix to help those who need it.



Vertigo Cause



According to Dr. Carol Foster, vertigo happens when particles in the utricle get into the semicircular canals, which serve as the spinning sensors. And when this builds up at the bottom part, it causes the sensation of the world spinning. To remedy this, Dr. Foster suggests doing a semi-somersault as demonstrated in the video to get these troublesome particles out.



Vertigo Treatment



This is definitely worth a shot.



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