Babbling Girl Thinks Her Ice Cream Has Moose in It After Getting Her Wisdom Teeth Removed

Still quite delirious after getting her wisdom tooth extracted, this girl suspects her dentist of foul play and doubts the contents in her tub of ice cream.

She though the dentist had cut off her lips as she goes on a rant to her mother, remarking:’No one is ever going to kiss me anymore’.

Delirious girl

The mother keeps on telling the daughter that they haven’t chopped off her lips as she can still see them. Later on, she reads ‘Moose Tracks’ label on an ice cream tub and begins to cry, thinking that her ice cream was made of actual Moose.
Girl thinks moose is in her ice cream

The two minute video was filmed in Colorado Springs, America and was captured by the girl’s mother, Arylee Chain, who laughed throughout the clip. What a great mom.

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