Georgia Teacher Caught Threatening To Shoot A Student In The Head In Shocking Video

It’s completely understandable that high school teachers get frustrated with their students. But what this one teacher threatened to do to his student is just inappropriate.

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During his 11th grade physics class, Paul Hagan was recorded verbally assaulting a 17-year-old boy for an unknown reason.

When the teen laughed at him, Hagan threatened him, stating “that’s how people like you get shot.” Hagan also went on to add that he bet “by the time you’re 21 somebody’s going to put a bullet in your head. And it might be me the one who does it.”

Teacher Fights Student

After seeing the footage, the boy’s mother is demanding that Hagan be fire. He’s since been placed on administrative leave while the public school’s officials are investigating the matter.

Teacher Threatens To Shoot Student

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