Rich Dude Lets His Multi-Million Mansion Get F’d Up By Having It Spray Painted with Graffiti from Top to Bottom

There are so many things people can do with a lot of money. While some go into serious business, there are those who turn their lives into one huge party.





Things get crazy when you live a life with tons of money in Las Vegas. And nobody does it crazier than local celebrity and multi-millionaire Izadi. So when an opportunity to do something absolutely insane presented itself, he had his whole mansion spray painted with the help of Zac Alsop and his crew of artists just for kicks.



Uber Rich



Sponsored by a vaping company for a marketing stunt, the guys went to work, covering the whole pristine white mansion with graffiti, including a Lamborghini. It took seven days to complete while doing a lot of mad things along the way. But when they finished, it turned out pretty awesome.



Graffiti Mansion



The things you can do when you’re rich.



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