Nissan GT-R Takes on Racing Drone to Find Out Which One Is Faster on Track

The Nissan GT-R has always been up there with the best when it comes to traditional racing and with good reason. But with all that power and handling, can it beat a tiny drone built for speed?





Nissan subjected the legendary GT-R in an unorthodox race that doesn’t involve other cars, but against something extremely fast: a drone made to keep up or even beat the high performance vehicle for filming.



GT-R vs Drone



With a mere 700g, the drone can go 0-100kph in just 1.3  seconds, making the GT-R’s 2.8 seconds look pathetic. But with only a top speed of 185kph, it sort of evens out against the car’s 315kph. Well, almost.



GT-R Wins



That car is a beast.



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