This Is Why You Shouldn’t Park Your Car Directly Next To A Train Track

Skip to :30 to see some devastation. The incident happened in Ha Noi city of Viet Nam. A man has parked the vehicle next to train rails. The sound was clear as the train keeps approaching, but the owner of the vehicle did nothing while sitting directly across.



Here’s some information from the video uploader: “When walking my dog on the street, I saw a train coming up to the truck parked by the trail. However, the truck driver sitting on the pavement opposite to the trail didn’t do anything when hearing the horn from the train. As a result, the truck was destroyed by the train.”


This Is Why You Shouldn't Park Your Car Directly Next To A Train Track


With its approaching sound, it’s impossible not to notice the train. Towards the end of the video, a man can be seen heading to the destroyed vehicle.


Train Swipes Parked Vehicle


If he was trying to save the truck, he’s a little too late.

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