Heartstopping Moment Adventurer Leaps Headfirst Off A Cliff Edge And Somersaults Over His Chute

This is the heart-stopping moment a man was filmed performing a front flip from a cliff hundreds of feet in the air. The footage shows the daredevil adventurer Alex Girard standing on the edge of a cliff without any safety harnesses, looking over the edge. Mr Girard, 40, then jumps off the cliff edge in Canada and performs what is known as the ‘roll-over’ move.



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Mr Girard soon then releases his parachute as he falls, which slows his descent down to the ground. Speaking about the jump, Mr Girard said, ‘I was confident in doing the jump, but obviously when I got to the edge, the nervousness started to kick in. It was all smiles and high 5’s after we both landed.’

Heartstopping Moment Adventurer Leaps Headfirst


Michael Racicot, from Canada, filmed the footage of his friend jumping. Mr Racicot, 37, said,  ‘This was the first time that Alex had completed a base jump off of a cliff, so he was very, very nervous.

Heartstopping Moment Adventurer Leaps Headfirst Off A Cliff Edge


‘But it was amazing it went as smooth as possible and he was very excited afterwards. Even just watching it from the sidelines was amazing too, however. ‘I have been base jumping for ten years, but this was his first time jumping from a cliff as opposed to doing it from a bridge.’



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