Do Not, Under Any Circumstances, Microwave A Hard-Boiled Egg

Got a cold hard-boiled egg that you want to heat up again? Here’s a tip, if you value your safety: don’t!



If you’ve ever used a microwave oven in your life, you probably know this already: Do not microwave an egg. Of course, a quick search on YouTube will show that numerous individuals, perhaps with more curiosity than good sense, have gone ahead and done it anyway.




In one video, a man heats a peeled hard-boiled egg in the microwave. Removing it gingerly, he stations himself several feet away and reaches out with a fork. As the tines pierce it, the egg explodes like a tiny, protein-rich grenade. His friends shake with silent laughter as a dog moves in to lap up the quivering fragments.




Exploding eggs aren’t all fun and games, however — if one detonated in your mouth, you might not be laughing.

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