Dad Goes Mental Trying To Fix Sky TV

We’ve all been there. We’ve tried turning it on and off, we’ve blown on it and we’ve even slapped it but it just won’t work. But for one irate father the difficulties of setting up a ‘faulty’ Sky box was all too much.



The man’s daughter, Sophie Vango, captured several of her father’s angry outbursts and made a compilation video on Snapchat.




In the hilarious clip he can heard shouting and swearing as he becomes increasingly frustrated at being unable to fix the box, while his daughter laughs hysterically in the background.

Sophie posted the video to Twitter which has since been retweeted 21,000 times and liked 53,000 times.




Sky were unable to comment without more details but their help team did offer to assist. They replied to Sophie’s tweet saying: ‘Hey Sophie, it doesn’t look like your Dad is having much fun with Sky Q. Can you drop us a PM so we can make sure everything is working like it should.’

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