Strange Family Sets Up CCTV after Food Keeps Going Missing, Discovers Creepy ‘Black Mist’ Entering the Kitchen

There’s a mystery puzzling this family for months — somehow, their food keeps disappearing on their dining room table even when there’s nobody inside the house.

So they decided to set up some CCTV camera’s to capture the unknown perp, but what they saw was something out of this world. A strange, black mist can be seen appearing out of nowhere and crawling towards the table.

Black Mist Crawling Towards Table

Then, as fast as it had appeared, the black mist moved towards the direction it had come from and was gone. The food on the table was also gone. People all over social media have commented on how the black ghost might be a bad spirit and the family should call an exorcist ASAP.

Ghost Steals Food

What do you guys think?

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