Woman Staring At Her Phone Has Her Leg Cut Off By Elevator Doors In Freak Accident

Become an unwitting victim of technology in this modern age is becoming an epidemic. It’s likely that you know someone who sustained some kind of injury from getting distracted while using their gadget.

One terrifying example of this was caught on camera in an apartment building in China. A woman can be seen approaching the elevator with a friend, but before either of them enter the lift, the door suddenly closes.

Woman Leg Caught In Elevator

The woman was too busy on her mobile phone at the time and was caught halfway in the elevator where her leg became wedged in between the malfunctioning doors. But before she could free herself, the elevator quickly ascends three floors, causing her dangling leg to be sliced off in the process.

Her Leg Gets Sliced Off In Freak Accident

Yeah, I’ll just use the stairs now…

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