Boy Enters Water, Four Sharks Immediately Come Barreling Towards Him

The only reason the boy survived this with all his toes intact is the stranger flying the drone yelled for him to exit the water upon seeing what was occurring from above.



Drone footage from the Bahamas shows the shocking moment a boy narrowly escapes from a school of sharks after they rushed towards him while he played in the water.

The footage, captured by drone cameraman Artem Tkachenko, shows the excited boy rush into the sea.




He swims straight into the path of the four sharks and is completely unaware of them as they try to surround him.

The sharks circle him and, noticing the danger, Mr Tkachenko said he screamed at the boy to run.




The boy can be seen escaping from the water with the four sharks trailing frighteningly close behind him. Thankfully, he was unharmed.

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