Daredevil Tries to Zipline Using Just His Ponytail to Break World Record, Ends Breaking Something Else

To break his own world record, Sailendra hanged a 600-ft zip wire 70ft above Teesta River, just beside Coronation Bridge in West Bengal, India. He wore a life jacket as protection just in case something goes wrong.

Hundreds of his fans arrived at the bridge to watch him break his own world record. Everyone was excited as they were sure he would make it… or so they thought.

When he reached the middle, however, his ponytail gets caught in the roller which led to him getting stuck in mid-stunt. He struggles for help, but none of his team members realized he was in actual danger.

Zip Line Stunts Goes Wrong

For several minutes, Sailendra struggled and shouted as his fans watched. Then, all of a sudden a hush came over the spectators when Sailendra stopped moving and hang limply on that zip wire. That’s when they realized what had actually happened.

Hair Gets Stuck In Rope


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