Flat Earther Harasses A NASA Employee — Gets Thrown Out Of Starbucks

If you’re like most people, leaving the office is your chance to release stress and pressure, and the last thing you want is getting pestered by a total stranger while your out buying coffee at Starbucks.

But that’s exactly what happened to one innocent NASA employee, who was simply waiting in line to get his coffee. That’s when a popular flat-earther approached him and made some something as simple as ordering a drink a total hassle.

Founder of the Official Flath Earth and Global Discussion page, Nathan Thompson had randomly bumped into a NASA scientist and decided to give him a few words. Off camera, the pair discussed Thompson’s views on spaceflight as well as other recent events.
“Come on, you won’t chat with me? You hate Americans? Is that it,” exclaimed Thompson, catching the NASA employee completely off guard.

Flat Earther Harasses NASA Employee

The incident escalated to such a level that eventually a Starbucks employee had to step in and ask Thompson to leave. But before being kicked out, he made sure to give the last word saying, “I’ll leave because you asked me to, that’s fine, but NASA’s a fraud, bro. They lie about everything.”

Kicked Out Of Starbucks

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